WSM-I is an exclusive agent distributor of SSAB RUKKI with its outstanding line of products RAMOR , ARMOX and HARDOX remains a Powerful Alloy in the Management of Risk. The ballistic protection plates are selected for high performance in most dangerous environments where there’s no room for compromise and threats can come from any direction. Tested on the world’s battlefield as well as for private protection they bring first-rate protection security to military and civil vehicles, mine clearing vehicles, door and wall structures and many more ballistic applications.

WSM-I brings a deep understanding of threat levels and ballistics to every project, while assisting in the selection of grades and thicknesses to achieve the protection you aim, providing engineering knowledge on the structure and advice on vital issues such as bending and welding. Due to outstanding toughness RAMOR , ARMOX and HARDOX can withstand more damage without back spalling, and their overall strength and toughness means a thinner plate can often be used, allowing significant weight reduction in various applications, thus keeping the vehicles more agile.

WSM-I exclusive agent distribution of VIPPON a Greek firm certified by NATOfor the productionof spare parts for tanks , tracked and wheeled vehiclesfor military use to mention Pads , Long and Short Bushing, Wheels and Chains for M60 , M113 and M48.